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Mandalas - End of the Year Enrichment Challenge

Mandalas have their roots in Indian and Buddhist culture. They are created by one person or many, with focus on being in the moment and the constant change in the world. They are made with repeating forms and patterns, often to represent the universe. 

The act of creating them is known to relax and calm the mind and body. Mandalas are traditionally made with sand that is not affixed or glued down and meant to blow away. They represent the idea that everything is always changing. We can relate this to cleaning our bedroom. We work so hard on it, but the minute we start living in it, things get messy. It takes work to maintain.
Today many artists have taken this idea and changed it to use their own materials in creative ways. Kathy Klein is known for her use of flowers and their petals in creating mandalas.

Your Enrichment challenge this week:
Challenge yourself of your family to create mandalas from the things around you. It could be legos, matchbox cars, flowers, leaves, rocks, sticks. Ma…

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